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Transmutation DEMO Transmutation DEMO

Rated 5 / 5 stars


long time no see. (even though this is a different name and you probably dont recognize it) but yeah we used to talk on aim. you sent me alot of your sin demos and stuff. anywayys this is probably my favorite of your songs. very uplifting and sweet synths. im in love with the piano intro you have on here ive been making alot of music too but then my friggin fl got corrupted. but yeah anyway awesome song. get back in touch with me sometime if your not to busy XSoulerFlareX (aim)
and yeah just look at some of my songs when ya got some time. yet again awesome work!

Kilkila responds:

Thanks man. I will. Unfortunately, this piece will never be finished. I'm working along different lines now.

Isolation Isolation

Rated 5 / 5 stars


the begining moved slow which was good because it kept me hooked and wanted to hear where you would go with it. I like the synths and the FX youre using in this. Good diversity all the way through and a great job with the percussions.

Great job overall. 10/10 from me and a 5.


Diabolo-ical responds:

Thanks :)

&amp;lt;-Soular Flare-&amp;gt; <-Soular Flare->

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wellwellwell.. about me lol. not bad man! great intro and buildup. The bass seemed a tad weak to me though..good work on the piano.
that hihat or whatever it was got a bit annoying after a while. other that those few problems this song is great. good work ^_^

x-kinetiK-x responds:

Or maybe YOU are bout the SONG! Hm...
Yeah. But anyway...
The bass seems weak? Now I'm completely confused because everyone else says there's *too much* bass... Well maybe you and I just have weak bass on our speakers lol.
Yeah, it was a hi-hat with a reversed snare hit. Personally I think it works pretty well, but I respect your opinion.

Thanks for the review!


Blink of an Eye--_--(1:00) Blink of an Eye--_--(1:00)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Finish this song!! i love the melody but the main synth seems a bit weird to me. great work on this track please finish it sometime when you get a chance!!